Shark foot

Shark foot

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The name is taken from the shape of the clips. It is an excellent way to display either messages printed on cardboard or PVC or PVC pockets with a message printed on paper inside. The special shape gives additional stability to the shelf of the message and the pocket, keeping the print vertical and stable if it is hit by customers. Efficient way to display the message off the shelf, at 0 degrees or 30 degrees.

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  • Shark foot with ECO magnetic sole

    This clip guarantees the best fixing of the advertisement on the label strips with a width of 30-40 mm. Requires perforation of the displayed message. Height: 40 mm.

  • Shark foot with magnet

    It can be used in a vertical or horizontal position. Equipped with magnet for fixing on metal surfaces. Height: 124 mm. Maximum load: 12 kg.

  • Shark leg with suction cup

    It can be used in a vertical or horizontal position. Equipped with suction cup for fixing on glass or metal surfaces. Height: 124 mm.

  • Shark leg for rail U

    It is fixed on the separator rail. Can be used to segment the category. Recommended for use with a 30 mm high rounded promo strip.

  • Shark leg with folding magnetic arm

    It is fixed under the shelf or on metal poles and walls. Prints an oscillating motion to the poster. Length: 90 mm.

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