Bakery units

Bakery units

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Wood and metal units for bakery and bread products

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  • Bakery shelf mode

    Bread rack. Height: 1600mm. Width: 500mm. Nice depth: 400mm. Material: solid beech wood.

  • Bakery shelf with doors and lighting system

    Bakery shelf module with safety glass doors and LED lighting system. At the bottom it is provided with a bread drawer to be used for baguettes / loaves. The system is compatible for in-line mounting with metal wall shelf modules.

  • Bakery shelf - bread rack

    Number of shelves, inclination, dimensions and colors on request. It can be provided with repositionable or fixed shelves.

  • Bakery shelf module 2015mm with glued header

    Bread rack 2015mm, 1000 mm wide, beech look, B500 + P400 made of chipboard, personalized metal header with sticker. For a customized version, please contact us. Compatible for in-line mounting with metal wall shelf modules.

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