Brochure holders

Brochure holders

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Brochure holders are ideal for presenting newspapers and magazines, shopping malls or banks because they provide maximum visual impact. Available in single-sided or double-sided floor booklet support for various brochure sizes.

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  • Brochure stand with 4 sides

    Ideal for presenting newspapers and magazines. Height: 1850 mm. Equipped with 5 pockets for A4 brochures on each side (20 pockets in total).

  • Multi brochure stand

    Equipped with 3 pockets on the right and 3 pockets on the left. The pockets can be adjusted in height. The front area is 297x210mm. Dimensions and colors on request.

  • Plexi brochure stand

    Brochure holder ideal for shopping malls or banks because it offers maximum visual impact. Available in a single face 8 x A4 or double-sided 16XA4. Height: 1700mm. Other sizes and colors available on request.

  • Classic brochure stand

    Floor stand for brochures. Standard dimensions: 400 x 260mm. Height: 1250mm. Available with 3 or 4 holders for A4 brochures. Number of pockets: 3, 4, 6 or 8.

  • Stand zig-zag brochures

    Zigzag support for A4 brochures. Equipped with a flat base for better stability. Number of pockets: 6. Standard dimensions of no more than 420x300mm. Height: 1540mm.

  • Metal zig-zag brochure stand

    Support for A4 and A3 brochures. It is composed of aluminum and glass materials. Number of pockets: 6. Height: 1430 mm.

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